Lightspeed 1TB Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade Kit for MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac mini

Lightspeed 1TB Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade Kit for MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac mini

Lightspeed 1TB Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade Kit for MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac mini


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A Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade with Everything You Need to Get the Job Done Right!

Take your MacBook Pro, MacBook, or Mac mini to a whole new level of performance with the Lightspeed 1TB Solid State Drive (SSD) upgrade kit from MCE! Every single user, bar none, who's upgraded from a traditional spinning hard drive to a solid state drive has said almost exactly the same thing: "I cannot believe the newfound speed and performance of my machine. It feels like I have a brand new computer!"

The MCE 1TB Solid State Drive Upgrade Kit is based on a high performance SATA-III SSD with read and write speeds at a blistering 540MB/sec and 520MB/sec, respectively. We also give you a high performance USB 3.0 enclosure for your machine's original drive facilitating easy data transfer from your original drive to your new SSD. Also included is free cloning software, the tools you'll need to perform the upgrade, as well as an illustrated installation guide. Absolutely everything you need to perform this upgrade is included in the kit. You'll be up and running (sprinting?) on your new SSD in no time.


  • All-in-one SSD upgrade solution means you have everything you need to get the job done efficiently and correctly.
  • Silent operation a Solid State Drive contains no moving parts resulting in totally silent operation!
  • Robust can withstand bumps and shocks 25 times greater than traditional hard disks can withstand.
  • Portable drive enclosure allows you to clone or transfer data from your original internal drive and then use it as a backup or secondary drive.
  • Award -winning Mac cloning software makes creating a fully bootable* clone of your original drive onto the new drive painless.


Solid State Drive  
Interface Serial ATA - III, 6 Gbps (Compatible with SATA-II, 3Gbps & SATA-I, 1.5Gbps)
Capacity1 1TB (1000GB)
Warranty 5 years
Read Transfer Rate 540MB/s
Write Transfer Rate 520MB/s
Voltage 5 VDC
Active (typical) 4.0 W
Burst 4.4 W
Acoustics (beta-sound power)
Active (typical) 0
Dimensions H 7mm x W 70mm x D 100mm
Weight (max) 2 oz
Temperature 32 to 158 °F operating
Shock Resistance (Gs) 1500G operating (25 times more than a standard hard disk drive)
  1. 1GB equals one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity; accessible capacity may be less.

Specific application environments such as temperature and duty cycle will affect the overall reliability rates.



  • Interface:
    • Internal: Serial ATA (SATA)
    • External: (1) USB 3.0 port (Compatible with USB 2.0)
  • Net Weight: 6.5 ounces (enclosure only)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 0.8 x 3.0 x 5.2 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Solid State Drive
    • MacBook Pro Unibody (Aluminum with black keyboard with built-in DVD drive, Late 2008 - Mid 2012)
    • MacBook Pro Pre-Unibody (Aluminum with silver keyboard, Early 2006 - Late 2008)
    • MacBook (All MacBooks except 2015 Model)
    • Mac OS 10.5 or later
  • Enclosure
    • Original Hard Drive from MacBook Pro, MacBook, or Mac mini
    • Intel or PowerPC-based Mac
    • Mac OS 10.2.6 or later
    • available USB 3.0 (or USB 2.0) port
Package Contents
  • 1TB SATA-III Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • External Portable Drive Enclosure with USB 3.0 Interface (Compatible with USB 2.0)
  • Disk Cloning Program
  • MCE Installation Kit
  • Illustrated Installation Guide