1TB PCIe-Based 4 Lane (x4) SSD Upgrade for 13 & 15" MacBook Pro Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014)

1TB PCIe-Based 4 Lane (x4) SSD Upgrade for 13 & 15" MacBook Pro Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014)

1TB PCIe-Based 4 Lane (x4) SSD Upgrade for 13 & 15" MacBook Pro Retina (Late 2013-Mid 2014)


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Product News: Compatible with macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)!

Four full lanes of data throughput make the MCE 1TB PCIe-based SSD twice as fast as your original drive or any competitor's upgrade drive! World's fastest 1TB PCIe-based SSD Flash Upgrade for your 13" or 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display (Late 2013 - Mid 2014). Includes everything You Need to Get the Job Done Right!

Your MacBook Pro 13" or 15" with Retina Display (Late 2013 - Mid 2014) is a high performance machine requiring the very highest performance PCIe-based SSD flash drives available today. The MCE 1TB PCIe-based SSD Flash Storage Upgrade Solution for the Late 2013 through Mid-2014 MacBook Pros with Retina Display was designed to take advantage of the super-fast PCIe architecture present in those machines and is approximately twice as fast as your original flash drive! Increase your storage capacity AND increase the speed of your MacBook Pro! This upgrade includes all the tools necessary to perform the upgrade as well as an illustrated installation and upgrade guide. Everything you need to upgrade your machine is included!


  • MCE 1TB (960GB Formatted) PCIe-based SSD Flash Drive (4 Lanes, x4) operating at 1400MB/s Read, 1100MB/s Write
  • All-in-one PCIe-based flash drive upgrade solution means you have everything you need to get the job done quickly and correctly.
  • Highest performance drive ever created for your MacBook Pro that is able to keep up with the way you work.
  • Highest-capacity PCIe-based flash drive available so you can work the way you want to without having to carry around external drives.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all versions of macOS released to date (including macOS 10.13 High Sierra) applicable to your machine as well as Windows installations using Apple's Boot Camp or virtualization software.


PCIe-based SSD Flash Drive  
Interface PCI-e x4 (4 lanes)
Formatted (Usable) Capacity 960GB
Max Transfer Rate (Read, Write) 1400MB/s, 1100MB/s
TRIM Support Yes
SMART Support Yes
OS X Boot Camp Support Yes
Warranty 3 years


  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,1
  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014)
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,1
  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,2
  • MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014)
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,3

    You can find your Mac's Model Identifier by holding down the option key on your keyboard and clicking on the Apple menu (at the upper left of your screen). Select "System Information..." and your Mac's Model Identifier will be listed near the top of the next window that appears.

USB 3.0 Enclosure for your Original Drive

    If you'd like to make quick work of the installation and data migration process then pickup our USB 3.0 Enclosure. It's compact, portable, bootable, and can house your original PCIe-based flash drive and, when used with the included cloning software, makes transitioning to your new drive quick and painless.

Package Contents

  • MCE 1TB PCIe-based Flash Drive compatible with above listed machines
  • MCE Drive Installation Tool Kit
  • Illustrated Installation and Upgrade Guide