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Standard Memory: 512MB via (2) 256MB SO-DIMMs (removable)
Maximum Memory: 2GB
Memory Slots: 2

The MacBook uses one of the fastest memory technologies available today—667 MHz, double data rate (DDR2), synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM). It ensures high performance and reliability by synchronizing memory speed with the speed of the central processor so that data can be delivered continuously and more rapidly to the processor. And if both slots are loaded with an equal amount of RAM — which is strongly recommended — you can take advantage of the system's dual-channel memory architecture for an additional performance boost. With a dual-channel memory interface, both banks of SDRAM can be addressed at the same time, enabling the MacBook to reach a memory throughput of up to 10.7 GBps.

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4GB Memory Upgrade Kit for MacBook and MacBook Pro


2GB Memory Upgrade Kit for MacBook


1GB Memory Module for MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini (Intel) or iMac (Intel)

Item No.:1GBSODDR2PC5300

512MB Memory Module for MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini (Intel) or iMac (Intel)

Item No.:512SODDR2PC5300

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